BORALIN - product information in English

BORALIN - product information in English

21 февруари 2018


Series of food additives according to prescription and technology elaborated by the popular healer Boris Nikolov

 Herb drinks-concentrates containing natural water extracts for prophylaxis and alleviation of conditions in the following cases:


  • High cholesterol
  • Exostosis
  • Spine and neurological pains
  • Senile dementia
  • Stomach-and-intestine problems
  • Osteoporosis
  • Mastopathy
  • Enlarged prostate and impotence
  • Infertility
  • Stabilized after-insultus conditions



  • High cholesterol
  • Hypertension
  • Cardiac diseases
  • Stabilized after-infarct conditions
  • Thrombophlebitis


  • High cholesterol
  • Coxarthrosis and gonarthrosis
  • Gout
  • Kidney diseases
  • Steatosis of liver


A severe disease in childhood provoked the first meeting of Boris Nikolov with the herb “Tribulus terrestris”, known for centuries among the people by names such as “grand’ma’s teeth” /babini zabi/, “trabuzan”, “rams’ heads” /kochi glavi/, “chyunka”. An old Macedonian medicine-woman, Divlevitsa, taught him to prepare the healing infusion. Boris recovered his health. Half a century later he had to recall that prescription in order to help a friend of his. Then Nikolov decided to test the effect of the extract on himself too. After several intakes the heart disease harassing him for years got liquidated. At that time the future healer was an employee at the Ministry of Public Education. Colleagues of his showed interest in the preparation and they became his first patients. The talk about the healing herb got into circulation and soon, in front of his home, in the metropolitan quarter “Slatina”, a queue of people to whom the so-called traditional medicine failed to help formed. He is among the first ones to obtain a permit for healing practice, issued by the Ministry of Public Health at that time. Since then the phytotherapist improved the extract and elaborated a technology for optimal extraction of the curative components. He experimented with different water extracts. He added other herbs to the power of Tribulus Terrestris. Thus, the “Boralin” series won recognition. At the beginning of the 90-ies of the past century, the ISUL institute and the Aviation medical institute with the Military Medical Academy effectuated clinical tests with “Boralin” successfully proving the preparation’s efficacy and safety. It was established that it possesses the unique property to break down and decompose the cholesterol plaques which lie at the bottom of many ailments. Nikolov published his research results in a book. After the premiere of “The plant killing cholesterol plaques” /publishing house “Balgarski pisatel”, 2006/, the interest in the healer’s work grew immensely.

Only one year after the first edition of the book, a second one followed /publishing house “24 chasa”, 2007/. The total print reached a record circulation of 20 000 pieces. The public and media interest exceeded the expectations of the old man. He decided to share part of his prescription secrets and to publish a simplified “Boralin” variant - as a Tribulus-terrestris tea - that every one in need could prepare at home. Despite this generous gesture the patients’ stream in front of his consulting room didn’t stop.

The healer continued receiving patients according to a schedule up till his last day, on 18 July 2009, when after an absurd house incident he left this world at the age of 87, in excellent health condition. Today “Boralin” LTD, the family firm and the foundation “Boralin – life for every one” continue his work and achievements.


At the bottom of many ailments lie the insufficient perfusion of tissues in an affected organ. Frequent cause of it are the cholesterol plaques that we start piling up since childhood and gradually they hinder the normal functions of the organism.

 The deteriorated perfusion diminishes the vitality of an organ /or articulation, gland/ and causes chronic or acutely manifested ailment.

 In 1993 the phytotherapist Boris Nikolov proved on a clinical basis that a water extract - obtained after his technology - of the plant Tribulus Terrestris successfully decomposes the cholesterol plaques. The first experiments are effectuated at the vivarium of ISUL institute. Later tests were made also with volunteers, at the Military Medical Academy. The results confirm the extraordinary property of Boralin to influence a large scale of diseases at the bottom of which lay: perfusion problems or chronic infections.

Decades before the moment when French physicians discovered that the so-called “thorns” /exostosis/ aren’t a bone- but a cholesterol-formation, Nikolov was successfully eliminating them with Boralin-4. It was established that the same medical preparation influences cerebral, spine and neurological diseases; normalizes prostate proportions; improves potency and fertility. Cardio-patients – as well as hypertonics and people at risk of thrombophlebitis - improve their condition even after one course of treatment with Boralin-5. Patients with implantation of artificial articulation, restore their mobility thanks to Boralin-8. Preparations are applicable also on prophylaxis basis. 


Due to the immense interest and social importance of the discovery, the healer published in the press a simplified variant of his main preparation “Boralin” which any one could prepare at home. The prescription and the intake scheme are explained in details in “24 chasa” newspaper, issue from 14 April 2007, as well as in the book by the newsman N. Moskov “The best Bulgarian healers” /publishing house “Slantse”, 2010/. Unfortunately, many patients do not observe the instructions for preparing and this might cause damages to their organisms. The plant contains microscopic sharp thorns and their penetration in the body can be exclusively dangerous. Only a precise filtration grants safety of the extract. In the instructions of the usage - on the packings offered for sale in the pharmacies - this risk is not mentioned. When preparing tea from “grand’ma’s teeth”, do filtrate twice through a paper filter. Boralin contains water extracts from specific parts of Tribulus Terrestris and from other herbs, gathered in ecologically pure regions in Bulgaria, thus, granting quality and high concentration of furostanol saponins. The Valley of Roses is the geographic source for the herbs included in the present batch. For the filtration of your Boralin special metal filters are used preventing penetration of sharp parts in the product. “Boralin” LTD and the healer’s family do not bear responsibility for damages occurred as a consequence of extract prepared individually from Tribulus terrestris.



0,5 l 

Tribulus terrestris /100%/

Food supplement - recipe of bulgarian phytotherapeutist Boris Nikolov. Extract of Tribulus terrestris. Herbal Syrup with excellent taste, without sugar, sweetened with stevia (Stevia Rebaudiana). Suitable for diabetics. Contributes to maintaining normal function of the reproductive system.

In males, stimulates spermatogenesis and testosterone secretion, improves the quality and duration of erection.

In women, normal levels of estrogen significantly influenced the negative symptoms of menopause, increases libido and blood circulation in the pelvis.


Helps maintain the normal function of the reproductive system. It has antioxidant and toning effect.


Composition of the recommended daily dose: water, liquid plant extract of Tribulus terrestris 800 mg; natural sweetener, steviol glycosides 1000 mg/l derived from Stevia; acidity regulator: citric acid; Preservative: potassium sorbate.

Sugested Use:

Boralin-1 is taken 3 times a day 20 ml after meals. Use the measuring cap of the bottle. Optionally, you can dissolve content in 100 ml water.

For maximum effect takes place a full course of 4 packages adopted in 10 days break.

Food supplement. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet. Keep out of reach of children.


Packing: 100 g

Regenerating gel with extract of Tribulus terrestris prescription of bulgarian phytotherapeutist Boris Nikolov.

Massage deeply gel with regenerating and toning effect. The rich of FS Tribulus terrestris extract improves blood circulation in the skin depth. By strengthening the local blood flow to stimulate regenerative processes in the joints, tendons and subcutaneous blood vessels.

For maximum effect apply simultaneously taking hratitelna addition Boralin-8 in complaints in the large joints or Boralin-4 with spinal and skin problems. In the case of varicose veins use with Boralin-5.


Massage gel with regenerating and toning effect.


Auqa, Tribulus terrestris extract, Panthenol, Carborner, triethanolamine, tocopheryk acetate, Ascorbic acid, Liquid germal plus (Prepylene glycol, Diazolinyl urea, lodoprapynyl, butylcarbamate).

Sugested Use:

The product is applied topically to the skin 4 times daily.

In subjects with increased sensitivity can occur allergic manifestations. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep away from children.


Boralin - Immune

0,5 l – 50 doses

Elderberry and Beta Glucan, 500 ml

Herbal drink - concentrate! Does not contain sugar! Suitable for diabetics!

One legend says that swallow before flying autumn, eats a few grains of black elderberry, which gave her strength for the long flight. Folk healers recommend syrup elderberry (Sambucus nigra) to strengthen the immune system during influenza epidemics and respiratory problems from different backgrounds.

This gift of nature has until now been available for patients in whom sugar is contraindicated. The team of chemists and biologists Boralin Ltd. accepted the challenge. We used the technology of extraction and catalyst developed by herbalists Boris Nikolov that applied to other products from the series "Boralin".

Instead of artificial sweeteners, we achieved great tasting extract of the Peruvian herb Stevia. The plant is known hypoglycemic properties and is approved as a preferred substitute for sugar.


Daily recommended dosage: Water, Liquid Vegetable Elderberry Extract (Sambucus nigra) - 840 mg, Beta Glucan 300 mg

Other ingredients: acidity regulator: citric acid, preservative: potassium sorbate, natural sweetener: steviol glycosides 200 mg / l extracted from stevia leaf (Stevia rebaudiana).


It strengthens the body's defense, favors the normal functioning of the respiratory and immune system. It has antioxidant and tonic action.


One package contains 50 doses. Take 10 ml after meals, diluted with a little water or juice.

The product should be stored out of reach of children! Do not exceed the recommended daily dose! Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet!



0,5 l – 21 doses

Tribulus terrestris /80%/

Hypericum perforatum /20%/

 The total water extract from Tribulus Terrestris cleans the cardio-vascular system from cholesterol plaques; improves perfusion; strengthens the immunity. For centuries the herb has been known as an aphrodisiac; it is applicable in cases of infertility, prostate ailments; impotence; it heals mastopathy, exostosis etc. A combination with Hypericum Perforatum /tutsan/ rejuvenates the nervous system, improves memory and elevates the general condition and self-confidence sensation. Boralin-4 is suitable for stabilized after-insultus conditions, cerebral, nervous and psychic diseases as well as discopathy, disc hernia, spondilarthrosis. In case of stomach problems, do take it according to the spondilarthrosis enclosed hereto 15 minutes before meals.


High Cholesterol

All preparations series "Boralin" tend to clear cholesterol deposits and normal levels of triglycerides in the blood. This is due to the FS that are pharmacologically the most important ingredient of the composition of Tribulus terrestris. The combination with other herbs enhances their effect against a broad range of diseases. The reference number of "Boralin" recommended as accompanying symptoms. In the absence of such treatment is carried out with Boralin-4.


According to Bulgarian healer Boris Nikolov, in most cases, the spikes are not bone and cholesterol formations. Boralin makes the process of their formation reversible. In the case of exostosis spine rate applies to Boralin-4. When lesions in joints of the extremities - Boralin-8.

Spinal diseases

Properties Boralin-4 to remove the exostosis and restore blood flow, provide relief for most degenerative spinal diseases. In a herniated disc, for example, is gradually recovering cartilage, connective tissue plate, connecting vertebrae.

Neurological diseases

Boralin-4 has potent anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effect, especially valuable in neuritis, polyneuritis, sciatica, plexitis, radiculitis and others.

Stabilized post-stroke conditions

The combination Tribulus terrestris and Hypericum perforatum is particularly suitable for the consequences after a stroke and reduce the risk of subsequent. Due to the strong action of the preparation is not applicable in the acute period.

Stomach Problems

The overall strength of blood flow in the body to normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, improves secretion, relieves inflammation. Patients reported relief from ulcers and colitis. It is 15 minutes before eating.


According to Bulgarian folk healer Boris Nikolov, the most common reason for the formation of painful lumps in the breast are disorders in fat exchange. In such cases Boralin-4 applies in the week before the cycle.


Boralin improves blood flow to the endocrine glands, leading to normalize the levels of hormones responsible for calcium absorption. Admission is combined with natural foods and supplements rich in calcium, vitamins D and C.


If the cause of infertility is hormonal, Boralin can help. Drink in the week before the cycle. When fertilization occurs, the intake of Boralin should be discontinued immediately. In men improve spermatogenesis and potency.

Enlarged prostate and impotence

The total stimulation of the blood circulation affect the length and quality of erections. Boralin-4 normalize the size of the prostate gland and symptoms of dysuria subside. If the problem is combined with a kidney disease use Boralin 8.


Boralin 5

0,5 l – 21 doses

Tribulus terrestris /80%/

Crataegus monogyna /10%/

Onopordum acanthium /10%/

 To the effects of Tribulus Terrestris, mentioned here-above, extracts from Crataegus monogyna /hawthorn/ and Onopordum acanthium /thistle/ are added, having beneficial effect in cases of cardio-vascular diseases in their out-of-acute stage. Nutritional additive Boralin 5 diminishes the risk of infarct and thrombophlebitis.

High Cholesterol

Particularly suitable in cardiovascular diseases associated with the accumulation of atherosclerotic plaques and impaired blood supply to the heart muscle (coronary heart disease).


In cases of elevated blood pressure without the established origin apply preparation Boralin-5. The same product is used against a wide range of cardiovascular diseases. If there is evidence that the main factor of hypertension is stress or depressive state, we recommend a course Boralin-4. Due to the extract of St. John's wort, Boralin-4 does not apply in combination with antidepressants. If the cause is blood kidney or liver disease, the most suitable Boralin-8.

Heart disease

The improvement of the blood supply to the heart muscle and lowering the risk of thrombus formation is crucial in the treatment of a large number of cardiovascular diseases. Because of the strong impact Boralin-5 is not recommended in the acute period immediately following myocardial infarction. Its use is appropriate, together with prescribed drugs if your doctor determines that the patient is stabilized.


In case of difficulty supply to the limbs, patients reported a reduction and disappearance of pain, numbness and characteristic "coldness". Varicose veins do not expect a visible vein harvesting.


 Boralin 8

0,5 l – 21 doses

Tribulus terrestris /80%/

Taraxacum officinale /20%/

 The “Grand’ma’s teeth” in combination with Taraxacum officinale /dandelion/ helps the articulations in cases of coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis, arthritis; it influences successfully gout, hepatic steatosis, and large range of kidney diseases.

High Cholesterol

Like all products of the series Boralin-8 also has the ability to clear cholesterol deposits. Its use is also aimed at accompanying diseases, namely:

Arthrosis and gonarthrosis

Improving blood supply to the cartilage and "lost" exostosis in large joints leads to reduction and disappearance of pain and restore mobility. In overweight in these cases it is important to take measures to lose weight.

Kidney disease, gout

In stones with calcium origin is achieved gradually reduce their size and painless disposal. In gout, improving the work of the kidney returned to their ability to process uric acid and diuretic effects of Tribulus terrestris helps disposing the body.

Fatty liver

Normalization of fats exchange clears the liver and the overall strength of blood flow helps the natural self-restoration capabilities of this body.


For optimal assimilation of the curative components, in all the preparations of the “Boralin” series, ())the following intake scheme in milliliters, after food is recommended:






















 In cases of children and adults weighing below 35 kg, the milliliters are reduced by half and a bottle is to be taken in two sessions. For a precise dose, do use a graduated measuring cup on the tap. After a 10-days rest, do start the following packing according to the same scheme. For a maximum effect, we do recommend 4 bottles every 10-days intervals. After a pause of 1 or 2 months you can repeat the scheme. For a prophylactic intake 2 or 3 bottles annually are sufficient.

 Attention: The product must be kept in place inaccessible to children! Do not overdose the recommended daily dose! Do not use it as a substitute for varied food! Even if you feel well, do not stop your prescribed medicines! Boralin-4 as well as any preparations containing tutsan, should not be taken together with antidepressants and psycho-active medicaments! The tutsan intensifies the skin sensitiveness to UV rays. If you are pregnant or there is probability to be pregnant, do not take Boralin or any preparation containing “grand’ma’s teeth”! In case of  palpitations, skip a 3-doses intake and then continue the scheme! Do not use alcohol while you take Boralin! Do not drink directly from the bottle! Keep in refrigerator! Do not freeze! The formation of foam and sediment is normal. Before usage do shake the bottle. By your wish you may mix with tea or juice. Rinse the measuring cup and the vial /if available/ before and after usage.


Product of “Boralin” LTD /Sofia, “Kosta Lulchev” 25/

For consultations and for placing orders: tel: 028716070; 0878680009


Every bottle of Boralin is protected with hologram sticker granting originality of the product. “Boralin” and the crossed star are reserved trademarks.


In Bulgaria, the herb Tribucus Terrestris is found under the name "Babini zabi". In the world, you can also find this herb under the name Bulgarian Tribulus. The creeping plant prefers sandy soil up to 600 m above sea level. The sharp thorn carries a bicycle tire, and on the Black Sea beaches the feet of the holidaymakers. For the vineyards, the herb is a real waste, as it is a dangerous weed. For folk medicine, however, the herb is a powerful healer. It has been used for centuries as a means of sexual strength and fertility, as a cure for arthrosis, spinal cord and heart disease.

In Bulgaria, for the first time, attention is paid to these healing properties by phyto-therapist Boris Nikolov (1922-2009). These studies he described in the book "The Cholesterol Plate Killer Plant" published by a Bulgarian publishing house in a edition of 30000 books in 2007.

Clinical tests in one of the largest Bulgarian hospitals prove the quality of prescriptions to break down cholesterol plaques. They are the basis of dozens of diseases, the worst of which are heart attack and stroke. Famous drugs are expensive, have a number of side effects and their effect is temporary. Fortunately, Bulgaria has a powerful herb against bed failures - Tribulus t. On the Bulgarian lands we are blessed with the highest concentration of magical furostanol saponins that are due to the action. 

"This is the least that this herb can do for us," said Nikolov. In addition to hormone-stimulating action, its BORALIN series purifies the cardiovascular system of plaque, lowers cholesterol, uric acid and blood sugar levels, relieves some autoimmune diseases, reduces inflammatory processes in the joints. Against coxarthrosis, for example, a two-month course with four pcs of Boralin 8 is sufficient for a significant improvement, while the painful place is matched with the deep-pricking Boralin 3 gel. For heart diseases the course is done with Boralin №5, and in the cases of spasms, vertebrates and high cholesterol helps Boralin №4.

The flagship of the series is Boralin № 1 - a sugar-free herbal syrup with Tribulus t extract. Only a week's reception, "the result exceeds expectations". It is also taken by people without erectile problems to further enhance performance.

In the pharmacies we will find a whole shelf of similar products, but the reason for their limited success is in the alcoholic extract, which destroys the active ingredients from the group of saponins. Some manufacturers even add chloroform to the extraction process. Their market share is due only to aggressive advertising.



Откъс от книгата на Николай МОСКОВ „Най-добрите български лечители” (със съкращения) публикувано в

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Кратки рецензии от корицата на третото издание "Растението убиец на холестеролните плаки"

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Излезе от печат най-новото трето допълнено издание на книгата "Растението убиец на холестеролните плаки" от Борис Николов

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Откъс от третото издание на книгата "Растението убиец на холестеролните плаки". Част "Анкета" представя интервюта и мнения от социалните мрежи на пациенти, съобщили за благоприятното влияние на препаратите "Боралин" при различни здравословни проблеми.

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PACKUNGSBEILAGE MIT WEITEREN INFORMATIONEN Boralin ist eine Serie von Nahrungsergänzungsmitteln auf der Basis der Heilpflanze Tribulus terrestris (Erd-Burzeldorn) nach den Rezepturen des bulgarischen Phytotherapeuten Boris Nikolov, die vom Familienunternehmen Boralin EOOD hergestellt wird.

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Травяные пищевые добавки по рецептам фитотерапевта Бориса Николова и информация об их применении при различных проблемах со здоровьем

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Факсимилета на оригиналните протоколи от клинични изпитания на препаратите “Боралин”. Възможно е влошено качество на копирането, поради възрастта на някои от документите. За да разгледате, запишете фотокопието в твърдия диск на вашия компютър, след което отворете с предпочитаната програма за преглед на снимки и използвайте функция увеличаване (zoom).

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